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Long Island Physical Therapy

Long Island Physical Therapy

PerforMax Physical Therapy and Wellness is a top-rated Long Island City physical therapy and wellness center. We offer easy and simple solutions to our clients' questions like 'How can I find a Long Island physical therapist who takes my insurance,'; How can I make a same-day appointment with a physical therapist in Long Island?', etc. With no wait time and affordable self-pay rates, we are undoubtedly the best Long Island physical therapy center.

Top reasons to join a fitness center

Fitness is a crucial part of healthy living, and it promotes overall wellbeing. Here are some of the top reasons to join a fitness center:

  • It helps lose unnecessary weight and burn unhealthy fats. Physical exercise helps maintain a healthy body mass index
  • Regular physical exercise reduces your risk for high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes
  • Physical workouts can act as a stress buster and can help you maintain emotional wellness.
  • It improves your stamina, endurance, balance, and stability and avoids falls, injuries, sprains, strains, and muscle weaknesses, especially in athletes and seniors.
  • It improves cognitive function, focus, and offers mental clarity.

We highly recommend regular physical activity to all seniors and adults over the age of 40 to avoid chronic pain conditions and injuries. We design custom workout plans for each of our clients and help them lead a healthy life.

Can physical therapy fasten my recovery?

Physical therapy plays a pivotal part in the healing process, especially in post-operative and orthopedic patients. Since physiotherapy involves several stretches, strengthening exercises, balance, and stability workouts, it helps patients regain balance and control after surgery or several weeks of hospitalization. It gradually prepares your joints, ligaments, and tendons to adapt to your routine activities.

It improves range of motion in areas where you had the surgery, and it significantly reduces inflammation and bruising. During these sessions, your therapists may train you on certain exercises, movements, and educate you on how to avoid overworking certain muscle groups and joints. It not only aids in recovery after an injury or surgery but also minimizes the risk of future injuries in the same area. It also helps you attain physical fitness after several months of rest. We are a top-rated Nassau County professional physical therapy provider with the best equipment, evidence-based treatment programs, and highly qualified staff.

Points to consider before choosing a physical therapy center

Physical therapy is an important part of recovery after surgery or injury, and you must choose a center with the best team of physical therapists and fitness trainers. Only a skilled trainer or therapist can develop an individualized treatment plan and steer you towards attaining your medical goals.

Furthermore, choose a center that uses the most recent therapies and treatment to promote healing and wellness, such as Kinesio taping/ rocktape, gait training, hands-on stretching, balance, stability training, etc. Lastly, choose a center that accepts most insurance and offers treatment programs at affordable prices.

Are you searching for a Long Island physical therapy center? Get in touch with one of us at PerforMax Physical Therapy and Wellness today. Attain your recovery and fitness goals by working with some of the best physical therapists in Long Island, NY.

Long Island Physical Therapy
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Long Island Physical Therapy
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Long Island Physical Therapy