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Dr. Raymond Liu

Dr. Raymond Liu was a Medical Doctor and a Professor in China. He received professional training at Tianjin Medical University for 5 years, and additional advanced training at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (3 years). Dr. Liu received his Bachelor of Medicine in 1987 and Master’s degree in 1993.

Dr. Liu is currently a Registered Acupuncturist & Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta. Dr. Liu has more than 25 years (12 years in China and 13 years in Canada) of clinical experiences in Chinese & Western Medicine in China and Canada.

Dr. Liu specializes in treating the following conditions:

  • Chronic & Acute Pain
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Neck, Shoulder, Back, Arm, and Leg pain
  • Menstrual Problems, Menopausal Syndromes, and Infertility
  • MVA and Sports injuries; Whiplash; Arthritis & Sciatica
  • Paralysis and Facial Palsy
  • Allergies and Sinusitis
  • Ringing in the Ears; Loss of Hearing
  • Insomnia; Anxiety; Depression; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Immunity Boost; Restoration of Mind and Body, Balance and Other Health Problems

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