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Xian Wang

Xian Wang graduated from Mount Royal University’s 2200-hour therapy program. He is passionate about fitness and sports. Before becoming a therapist, he played competitive basketball. This experience found him specialization in treating pain, tension, and mobility.

Xian not only provides traditional massage services such as Swedish massage and deep tissue. He also offers active, movement-based techniques such as RAPID-NFR, Graston techniques, PNF stretch and fascia release. He is proficient in English and Mandarin Chinese. Xian is looking forward to starting the unique and effective bodywork journey with you.

Xian became a first-time dad in the year 2022. You can find him in the gym and spending time with his daughter and family in his spare time.
Areas of specialization include;
Decrease pain (low back, ankle, knee, shoulder headache, TMJ etc.)
Increasing muscle strength, reducing weakness & amp; nerve entrapment manipulation
Treating scar tissue, adhesion, and knots to increasing range of motion
Tailored treatments for the clients

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