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North Calgary massage therapy

North Calgary massage therapy

At Northern Hills Chiropractic, we offer a range of skilled wellness services so that whatever you're seeking to improve, we can provide an individualized plan according to what you need. Of these skilled services, we offer three types of massage therapy: deep tissue massage therapy, therapeutic massage, and prenatal massage.

If you're not familiar with massage therapy, it can be easy to assume that massage is good for relaxation only. You might get an image of a spa and picture yourself wanting to fall asleep during your massage. This is not always the case!

Massage therapy can definitely provide rest and relaxation, but it is also used to profoundly impact your health and well-being, whether you're attempting to treat a chronic condition, or you're looking to maintain daily wellness.

A great example of this is with deep tissue massage therapy. While not so relaxing, it can provide great benefit to some conditions that otherwise don't see relief.

Our North Calgary massage therapy team offers Deep Tissue Massage Therapy if it is appropriate for you and if they believe, based on a comprehensive medical evaluation, that it will produce positive results. This technique differs from a more gentle form of massage in that it focuses pressure on the deepest layers of fascia and muscles in the body.

Deep tissue massage is recommended to treat chronic aches and pains or repetitive injury. Specifically, our North Calgary massage therapy approach focuses on using deep tissue massage for back pain, chronic muscle tension, osteoarthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia.

How does it work?

Deep tissue massage aims to realign deep muscle after it's been damaged. We refer to this damage as adhesions, which are stiff bands of muscle, tendons, or ligaments, causing pain. With firm pressure applied slowly, blood flow increases in the stiff area of muscle and leads to a reduction in inflammation.

What does deep tissue massage feel like?

Our licensed massage therapists apply deep pressure to the muscles through slow, firm strokes. So you'll feel a lot of pressure in specific areas. Most people often have points of discomfort or pain. Afterward, you may have some stiffness and pain, but the muscles should relax after a couple of days.

If deep tissue massage is too much for you, our North Calgary massage therapy team also offers therapeutic massage of other styles as well as hot stone massage, which also works to lessen inflammation in painful areas.

And, if you're not sure which type of massage therapy or other healing modality would be right for you, give us a call! Providing a personalized approach is exactly what we're here for.

Whether you've got a specific injury or not, massage therapy can be of great benefit to your health. Most of our patients find other improvements in their wellness after a massage, even if they weren't looking for it! Some of these benefits include a decrease in the impact of stress, improved sleep quality, improved ability to focus on a task, and greater energy throughout the day.

Our North Calgary massage therapy team is here to help you achieve the state of wellness you're looking for through multiple styles of massage therapy. We love introducing first-timers to the benefit of massage therapy as well as providing top-quality care to those who have benefited from it in the past. If you're looking for a peaceful place to improve your health, come see us at Northern Hills Chiropractic.

North Calgary massage therapy
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North Calgary massage therapy
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